2007 Kassel Documenta

12 ways to visit the documenta Kassel
2007, Kassel
500 ex.

Visiting a contempory art fair might not be an easy exercice for someone who's not used to it.
So here's our suggestions, twelve different ways to have fun during such an event, enjoy.

Visit the event by night, breaking the security system.

Try to find the weirdest artist names presenting works during the fair.

Use an inappropriate map - visit the first floor using the second floor's map, etc.

Try to find and classify the emergency issues alphabetically.

Visit empty or less populated spaces first.

Try to steal a maximum number of cartels.

Visiting by redudancy - focus on a colour or an item such as red, skull, sex, etc.

Try to figure out dead artists presenting works.

Wear dark sunglasses.

Whenever it is forbidden to do so, try to touch artworks with dirty fingers if possible.

Pick a child or a group of children as your guide.

Start by following someone hot & sexy and change your partner every 10 minutes.