On the Radio


there are those who make it and those who speak about.
I am of those doing it by talking.

My fellows from Croatan edition launch their project.
Thanks to them for the invitation to talk about the catalog on Black Bivouac web radio hosted by the Sin collective.

Enjoy (in english, sorry mum!)


Tradition's patrimony,
Destroy or make it legacy,
Get your own definition,
Pop culture, my religion.

Whatever if you like christmas or not...
Happy Holidays!!!


Jean-Luc & Marija did this interview, thanks to them!
Thanks also AAA for welcoming the shooting.

Excuse my english... but my french is worse.


Our friend went to jail a few days ago.
We packed him this bag of stuff without navy blue or hoods.
Be brave bro' / See you soon

Not not a postcard / STEWI 3000

If you were to Geneva this next month, I was  part of the STEWI 3000 project hosted by QQCH with this Not Not a postcardIt  happened May 11, May 22 and June 22 @ Plainpalais flea market.

A brief history of photography

I was part of the "You are cordially invited" project hosted by Duplex100m² during SUPERMARKET INDEPENDENT ART FAIR in Stockholm with an ongoing project: a brief history of photography.


Dimanche 14 Octobre 2012
Rue Saint Laurent
Emplacement 55


22 septembre - 21 octobre 2012

Galerie Showcase
Place aux Herbes
angle du magasin Quasimodo

Shirt says

Me & Iain Baxter&
Me in the collection

Pas le temps pour les regrets

Action réalisé lors de l'exposition CoB#2
Remise en forme d'une exposition
Une proposition de Fabien Pinaroli
CAP Saint-Fons jusqu'au 13 Juillet

Tattoo: Pierre, 87th Tattoo Shop, Grenoble.
Vidéo: Laura Kuusk

The blog has reached its 10 000th visit.
Thank you all

A day,
you will no longer hear talk about me.
Meanwhile, you can always hear me talk...

Un jour vous n'entendrez plus parler de moi.
En attendant, vous pouvez toujours m'entendre parler...

France Culture
Dimanche 8 Avril 2012

Good Job!

I started by the sky, then floor. I found myself running out of paint by painting trees...

If you pass through Grenoble this month of December 2011 and have time to spare, visit l'exposition de Noël du Magasin and leave with a free postcard!

I also did the visual for the flyer. You might maybe recognize an item borrowed from a painting by talented artist Johan Rivat.

If one asks if I've did the visual for free in exchange of a selection in the exhibition, answer yes!

Fog on Compostela skeleton...

Many persons asked me about this Compostela Skeleton project...
Sorry but hoping to dispel this fog in 2012 !!!

Plusieurs personnes m'ont posé des questions sur le projet Compostela skeleton... Désolé, j'espère pouvoir dissiper ce brouillard pour 2012!


vernissage Vendredi 7 octobre à 18h
LAA / La bifurk, Grenoble.

Exposition du 08 octobre au 12 novembre 2011

Commissariat: Museum of Museum

Plus d'infos ici


Bike without brakes / le vélo sans freins

Ville de Grenoble

In 2010, I received from my city, Grenoble, 2000 euros, in order to be a young artist. The condition was to include on every communications about my work, the logo of the city. As I am my own support of communcation and piece of art, I did this tattoo and printed it on postcards.

I spent the money left to filling up my fridge...

En 2010, j'ai reçu de ma ville, Grenoble, 2000 euros, pour être un jeune artiste. La condition étant d'inclure le logo de la ville sur chacune des communications à propos de mon travail. Puisque je suis mon propre support de communication et œuvre d'art, j'ai fait ce tatouage et l'ai imprimé sur carte postale.

J'ai utilisé l'argent restant pour remplir mon frigo.

Le mécanisme dont la peinture procède

Musée d'Art Contemporain de Lyon

.Chapitre 6

The walk

On thursday the 16th of September 2010, I leaved Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
After 1710kms and 62 days walking, I went back home in Echirolles, France.

Jeudi 16 Septembre 2010, j'ai quitté Saint-Jacques de Compostelle en Espagne. Après 1710 km et 62 jours de marche, je suis rentré à la maison à Echirolles, en France.

The blog is here.

Brickhead (final update)

The project is over now.
Check the blog here.

I've packed and numeroted each one of my 121 512 hairs.
Contact-me, if you want yours.

1 hair = 1 €

Le projet Brickhead est terminé.
Consultez le blog ici.

J'ai empaqueté et numéroté chacun de mes 121 512 cheveux.
Contactez-moi si vous voulez le votre.

1 cheveu = 1 €
(déductible d'impôts)

"I was supposed to show an art piece but I was busy trying to seduce a girl."

"J'étais supposé montrer une pièce mais je fus trop occupé à essayer de séduire une fille."


A simple Story
Galerie Mladých,
Brno, Czech republic.
mein kampf
"Sonntagskünstler", als ob es immer Sonntag wäre...

mon combat
"Artiste du Dimanche" comme si c'était tous les jours Dimanche...

my struggle
"Sunday artist" as if it was every day Sunday ...

Stéphane Déplan & Camille Laurelli
Reblochon sur radiateur,

Smelt during DES MONTAGNES exhibition,
@ Duplex/10m² Gallery,


01 / 03 / 2010

By solidarity with the "Day Without Immigrants" organized by the same name's collective,

I inform you that I will not work or will not consume on monday March the 1st, 2010 all day long.

I will not use no water, no electricity, no food, no fuel,
I shall therefore not be at my workplace or at home.
Will not be contacted either by mail or phone.

I will not use this day to make art.
Even if doing nothing is a part of my art, I will not even do it since it's already too much.

You can too if you want.
Best regards

par solidarité avec "La Journée Sans Immigrés" organisée par le collectif du même nom,

je vous informe que je ne travaillerai ni ne consommerai pas durant toute la journée du Lundi 1er Mars 2010.

Je n'utiliserai ni eau, ni électricité, ni nourriture, ni carburant,
Je ne serai donc pas présent sur mon lieu de travail ni à mon domicile.
Ne serai pas joignable ni par mail ni par téléphone.

Je ne me servirai même pas de cette journée pour faire de l'art.
Et bien que ne rien faire soit une part de mon travail, je ne ferai même pas rien puisque c'est déjà en faire trop.

Vous pouvez aussi si vous voulez.


.Chapter 1



On monday the 7th of December 2009, I leaved Echirolles which is where I live in order to join by feet Lignerolles which is where Claude Levi-Strauss is buried.

I walked 248km in 7 days.
On monday the 14th my physical fitness restrain me to give up (walking).


Camille Laurelli & Stéphane Déplan


10 octobre 2009, Journée Art Contemporain
Loop / OUI
56 boulevard de l'esplanade
38000 Grenoble


Richard Compte, Stéphane Déplan, Clairka Osnozys, Régis Soeur & Triin Tamm

Bay of Bengal's international waters

Ecology is a question of MORE or LESS.
People who care says: "ONE MORE litter is allready too much" when people who don't care answer: "It's Not ONE LESS wich gonna change something".

EGOlogy work against ECOlogy.
We wast in order to concerve ourself.
Travels in a country like India and you will understand.
I heard so many "white rasta" teaching me "THE SOLUTION FOR AN ECOLOGIC WORLD" drinking packaged water instead of treating local one...
I'm not better tham them.
I prefer don't moralize anybody and just notice it out.

Original idea & Camera: Nicolas Hublot

Saint-sépulcre, Jérusalèm, Paques 2009.

Mojavie desert, California, 2009

The difference between a big pizza and an artist?
The pizza could feed a family...

La difference entre une grande pizza et un artiste?
La pizza peut nourrir une famille...

Castro ghaytto, San Francisco / California USA

Fist fucking: Harder, better, stronger than free hugs.